Response And Revival

P2 are here to help you deal with the effects of COVID-19 on your business. 

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Our helpline can answer strategic questions fast by connecting you directly to one of P2’s senior technical managers via our online chat service.  We intend this service to help our customers and the wider professional services community though this tricky and unclear situation.


Law firms, Accountancy firms and other professional businesses have been relying on P2 for over 12 years to enable their teams to work and collaborate with flexible, secure and high performing systems.  So if you do need help we are here and have the skills and experience to help you.


The service is without charge for the coming months as we all as a business community respond and plan our way through and beyond the effects of COVID-19.

As an example of how we can help we can respond to issues you have such as…


How do we stay secure while working remotely?


How do I enable remote working?


How do I help my people collaborate online?


Our internet is too slow to remote work, what should I do?


Our system has limited remote working, are there any other options?

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