Fully Managed IT Service

Your people can do more for your clients when your technology does more for your people. 

We develop the relationship between your technology and your people.


Law Firm and Accountancy Technology Specialists

12 years specialising in technology specifically for law firms and accountancy firms and working with key industry vendors means that we uniquely understand your people.  You get the benefit of that experience right from Onboarding and through every project, every call and every service request.


Your support service
tailored to you

We tailor around your needs, supporting your in-house IT team, or if you wish providing a complete IT service.  You’ll meet with our highly experienced Onboarding team adding insight and expertise to configure your service exactly to your needs.

Legal Sector

Accountancy Sector


Technology engaged with your firm

We strongly believe that your technology strategy must be connected directly to your senior management and business plan.

You will have access to a dedicated service manager responsible for roadmapping and tailoring your technology to your plan.


Continuous Improvement

We also believe that achieving your goals is about a journey.  Right from the initial onboarding we start thinking as a partner, backing up advice with key metrics and industry insight as we implement your desired solution.  Throughout your journey, our advanced monitoring and forecasting systems monitor 1000s of data points relating to service performance and technology status guiding and giving confidence to your journey.

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