A Business’ Guide to Microsoft 365 & Azure

A Business’ Guide to Microsoft 365 & Azure

A Business’ Guide to Microsoft 365 & Azure

Cloud computing is playing an increasingly important role in the modern business landscape. With more and more businesses embracing technology in virtually every aspect of their business, the cloud offers business owners an opportunity to streamline their processes and conduct essential business tasks using cloud-based technologies. This transition to cloud computing has enabled businesses to operate more efficiently than ever before, increasing productivity and improving customer satisfaction in the process.

Using Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Office 365, business owners can take full advantage of the Microsoft range of offerings regardless of where you or your team are located. Microsoft’s cloud productivity suite allows you to take full control of your business whether you are working from the office, remotely or on the go. For even more peace of mind, be sure to hire a reputable managed IT support company to ensure that your systems are always operating effectively, minimising interruptions to your business.

Continue reading to learn more about Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Office 365 and how Microsoft’s cloud productivity suite can help your business.


Microsoft Office 365

Business owners can use Microsoft 365 to access all of the Microsoft Office application as well as a range of other business-specific services. Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud-based subscription service that you can access from any location, 24/7 365 days a year, as long as you are connected to the internet. Desktop versions of various Microsoft Office applications included in the 365 plans are also included, allowing users to install the system across multiple machines with ease. With Microsoft Office 365, business owners can streamline their processes, boosting productivity and increasing their bottom line.


Microsoft Azure

Formerly known as Windows Azure, the newly rebranded Microsoft Azure is Windows’ cloud-computing platform. The platform offers a range of different cloud-based services that users can choose from depending on the needs of their business. With various analytics, storage, computing and networking services available, you can build a bespoke package that will best meet the specific requirements of your organisation.


Bespoke Business Solutions

Microsoft developed Azure to meet the challenges that businesses face on a day-to-day basis and to help businesses to reach their company targets. The tool is designed to support a range of different industries, it is designed to be compatible with open-source technologies and has been successfully implemented by a range of Fortune 500 companies. Offering business owners the flexibility to choose the technologies and tools best suited to the needs of their business, using a pay-as-you-go model puts business owners in control of their finances and their bill to Microsoft each month.


Azure And 365 Together

Office 365 and Azure, when used together can completely transform how you do business. Using cloud-based tools can help any business to become more efficient using the Azure Active Directory, Azure Logic Apps and Functions. Integrating the two systems will provide you with increased functionality, allowing you to grant specific apps access to specific Microsoft 365 data. Registering your apps in the Azure AD, you have the ability to share them with your entire organisation allowing for easy access to important data and straightforward team collaboration.


Use Microsoft’s Cloud Productivity Suite To Streamline Your Business Processes

Embracing cloud computing and technologies can help you to operate your business more efficiently, increase productivity and improve customer satisfaction significantly. Using Microsoft’s cloud productivity suite will allow you and your team to build a bespoke software solution for your business and access the tools and data that you need when you need it most. Now is the time to move your business forward, embrace cloud technology and implement Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Azure to take your business to the next


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