Latest Coronavirus Scams

Latest Coronavirus Scams

The next wave of Corona based challenges we’re reviewing and advising on is the fraudsters out there targeting you working at home through a variety of means. For our clients there isn’t anything technical to do at this point, just be vigilant as always. To help we’ve got together some of the top campaigns we’ve seen through the public and IT media and not all related to IT.  You can share with your team so everyone is focused on protecting themselves and their systems at this unprecedented time.


Corona Map

  • Anything you get through email or clickable web links to a live Corona Covid-19 map, please do not click on the link – it has a hidden trojan virus embedded on the site called AZORRult. The trojan is malware and can steal sensitive data. The malicious website is spread via email attachments, online adverts and social engineering such as phishing emails.



  • Scam HRMC, tax refunds, fines, in email and text message format have been around for a while, however they have ramped up again in light of Corona. Redirected links to steal passwords and financial information – please keep your eyes peeled.



  • Email from the Department of Education – Message to parents to say as schools are closed and to help support families they are entitled to free school meals in exchange for bank details – confirmed as fake email.
  • Email or text message – Message to say UK Government is issuing payment to all residents if you click on a link. The link redirects to a fake website to steal your personal details.
  • Messages from the UK Government/Police saying you have been fined for leaving the house – link to malware, personal detail theft.


Not IT but relevant

  • Scam phone calls offering priority vaccinations.
  • Fake missing parcel notes through letterboxes asking to call to a premium rate number.
  • Thieves going door to door selling face masks and then attempts to make their way in to people’s homes.
  • Thieves impersonating Red Cross and Health Authority workers going door to door carrying out mandatory Covid-19 testing – excuse to enter people’s homes.


If you need any further advice please get in touch with us so we can investigate for you.

Other than that we hope that our clients, suppliers and contacts, their family, friends and colleagues continue to be in good health.