Microsoft Teams 2.0 will deliver much-needed improvements on Windows 11

Microsoft Teams 2.0 will deliver much-needed improvements on Windows 11

Microsoft Teams 2.0 will deliver much-needed improvements on Windows 11

The next generation of Microsoft Teams is set to feature several important updates and upgrades.


The video conferencing service has rapidly grown to become one of Microsoft’s most important software offerings over the past 18 months as workers and consumers look to stay in touch during the pandemic.

Now, the company is prepping the launch of Microsoft Teams 2.0, set to appear in the highly-anticipated Windows 11 release later this year, with a number of new features and updates on the way.


Microsoft Teams 2.0 messaging


Among the new upgrades to Microsoft Teams is a messaging feature that allows users to reply directly to specific messages – much like Slack already does.


The new “quoted replies” addition will let Teams users respond to particular messages, or quote their own message in a response. Users simply need to right-click on any message to activate the feature, which can also be opened by hovering over a message and clicking the three dot menu found at the top of a Teams chat – then clicking “Reply”.


Microsoft says the addition will make messaging on the Teams desktop app feel more interactive and intuitive, as well as making it easier to pick up on all the right messages for you.


The news comes shortly after Microsoft fixed another annoying issues with Teams concerning messaging – namely, finding specific notes or messages using the platform’s search function.


Teams will soon be introducing a completely redesigned search page that uses AI tools to track down exactly the results you need for your business or family work. The new search results page includes what the company says is, “a new search experience in Teams will make finding messages, people, answers, and files faster and more intuitive.”


It goes on to say that, “a redesigned search results page provides better context and faster results,” and that the tool will use “AI-powered relevance” based on the people and content users engage with most in Teams and other Microsoft 365 services in order to bring you the best results.


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