Microsoft Teams can now be used for work and play simultaneously

Microsoft Teams can now be used for work and play simultaneously

Microsoft Teams can now be used for work and play simultaneously

Logging into and out of your personal and work/school accounts can be a real hassle which is why Microsoft Teams now allows users to have both open at the same time on their Windows 10 desktops.


Previously Teams users had to toggle between their personal and professional accounts but thanks to a new update, this is no longer the case.


While this new feature is now rolling out to users of Microsoft’s video conferencing and online collaboration software, it was actually added to the Microsoft 365 Roadmap in a post back in November of last year.


Work and play simultaneously


As reported by Windows Central, one of the news outlet’s reporters first noticed that they were able to have their personal and work account open at the same time following a recent update to their Teams app on PC.


This means that if this functionality isn’t yet available for you, it’s worth updating the app as Microsoft has said that this feature has gradually been rolling out to Teams users on desktop since February.


Once the feature becomes available, you’ll be able to differentiate between your personal and work accounts as the personal version of Teams displays its logo within a white circle while the work and school versions of the service just show the app’s logo.


It’s also worth noting that currently Teams users can only run one instance of their work or school accounts at the same time.


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