Single Sign On – The benefits for you

Single Sign On – The benefits for you

We have already explored what Single Sign On (SSO) is, how it can benefit a business, how it has potential to improve the security of your organisation, and how it takes the load off your IT team. In the following article we will look at how SSO integrates with Microsoft’s extensive suite of tools and how together they can truly improve your team’s work processes and the quality of that work.


SSO and Microsoft 365

When synchronised with their Microsoft 365 account your users are able to sign into their account using the same Microsoft credentials – convenient, I know, until they do what we all do; forget their password. They will then start making wild guesses that have very little likelihood of being correct (pet names, favourite sports players, mum’s maiden name, anything they can think of that might grant them access). But what can be arguably just as irritating is having to enter the credentials every single time you try to log into an app.


This is where SSO comes in.


SSO will help users to log into their account using their Active Directory credentials, meaning that they do not have to repeatedly enter their credentials once they have signed into their machine. Microsoft 365 also have a native function within Microsoft Azure so we will now take a closer look at that.


Microsoft Azure and SSO

The Azure Active Directory makes it possible to access all your apps with SSO from any location, on any device, from a centralised portal – allowing for a much better experience and increased productivity. Microsoft Azure and SSO also allow you and your workforce to be connected to some of the world’s most productive – and popular – applications, which are as follows:

  • Dropbox
  • DocuSign
  • Zoom
  • Salesforce
  • Adobe

And hundreds more!


Let’s take a look at some of the possibilities of SSO and Microsoft Azure.


Access pre-integrated apps

With Microsoft Azure and SSO you can connect your Software-as-a-service (SaaS) apps using their gallery – making for an easier and more productive working environment.


Scale IT efficiencies

Microsoft Azure integration with SSO will allow you to offer ‘self-service password reset tools’, in turn allowing you to guarantee reduced support times to employees and thereby minimise the overall cost. You can then focus your limited IT resources on higher value activities.


With Microsoft Azure Active Directory Seamless SSO it is possible to automatically sign users in when they are on a corporate device that is connected to your corporate network. With this enabled, it is possible to sign into Azure ID without needing to type your password or – in some cases – your username. Technology in the modern world – and its capabilities – is truly revolutionary.  SSO is just one of the tools to take note of – by implementing it you are offering your organisation a chance of overtaking the competition in terms of productivity, convenience, and user experience.


SSO in your organisation

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