Managed Cloud & Telecoms

Today’s Fee Earners are digital ready – and Professional Services  Firms are becoming tech companies in their own right to support them.


The Cloud Journey

Facilitated by our consultancy project team who specialise in cloud migration for law and accountancy firms we help you build a tailored cloud solution to meet the needs of your firm wether you are looking to attract the best staff, improve client service or enable digital transformation.


You gain unique insight from our team who have for 12 years specialised in solutions for Law and Accountancy firms working with most of the leading vendors for Case Management, Practice Management, Dictation, Payroll, Accounts Production.



We help you to…

  • Be more productive
  • Work when and where you need to
  • Protect critical systems
  • Invest effectively
  • Choose the right cloud path in a complicated marketplace
  • Focus more on your own people, clients and business

Ask about a cloud readiness assessment and your team of experts will start by understanding your goals, challenges and any strategic developments you want to make before deep diving into your infrastructure requirements and returning to you with a presentation of the options and recommendations for a transformation plan.

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Peace of mind comes from working with a specialist who has YOUR best interests at heart.

Law and Accountancy specialists for 12 years.