IT’s About Time…for our Winter Newsletter

IT’s About Time…for our Winter Newsletter

First and foremost, we here at P2 Technologies and PAVilion wish you and your families a very happy festive period! We look forward to reconnecting with you in 2022! For those of you with IT support contracts I would recommend that you review our festive hours of operation within the appropriate section of this newsletter.


Much has happened in the months following the PAVilion Autumn Newsletter. Within that newsletter we announced the merger of PAVilion with P2 Technologies. As a swift reminder, the focus of the merger was to broaden the range of services we could collectively offer to our customers and at same time, customise these services to the different markets that these organisations are designed to address. PAVilion focuses on industrial and commercial and P2 Technologies on legal and accountancies.


On to the Winter / festive newsletter…


Within this newsletter, we cover our festive opening hours, outline our customer reference program, celebrate our monthly customer feedback winners, outline some important links to some enablement that we provided since the Autumn newsletter and provide an outline on the events / free enablement that we are organising in the coming months.


Upcoming Event – Transforming Your Digital Workplace –  3rd March
At this event, we will review the digital workplace and outline how it has changed / is changing and what this means for employee productivity, IT operations and from a cyber security perspective.

We will also introduce our new IT Anywhere platform, our AppAffinity patching technology as well as provide a free 30-minute O365 tips and tricks session. The session will end with an important update on O365 subscription pricing changes that we expect to see made from April 1st, 2022.




Historic Webinars

In the last few months, we have covered things such cyber threat mitigation and O365 / Azure self-service with our Microsoft billing platform. This content can be viewed here:

We continue to broadcast our message to customers and prospects through our extensive social media channels, our events and most recently via attendance to regional trade shows. We are determined to show our customers and prospects the homegrown portfolio of solutions that we have and where required to augment these within our significant ecosystem of technology partners. We firmly believe in our slogan “Not all partners are equal!” 😉.

We hope you find the content valuable, and we’ll be in touch again soon!

Nathan Collins – Director


Our Support Feedback 
We take feedback very seriously and update our websites with feedback information on a quarterly basis inclusive of the key performance statistics e.g., number of cases, time to respond, closure rating etc… Additional information can be found below:
P2 Technologies

We pride ourselves on delivering quality IT support and IT Certainty. We find the best way to do this is to iteratively improve service delivery through a feedback loop initiated on call closure. To ensure we receive as much feedback as possible, in October we initiated a prize of £50 for the best example of constructive feedback upon ticket closure (positive or negative).

The winners since October are as follows:

  • October – Jaime Charlesworth of Gibson Booth
  • November – Patrick Bolland of RAM Tracking

Their feedback will appear on our web pages in due course for transparency.


IT Support Festive Period Opening Hours
Christmas Eve: Business as usual
Monday 27th December: CLOSED (Extended support unaffected)
Tuesday 28th December: CLOSED (Extended support unaffected)
Wednesday 29th December: Business as usual
Thursday 30th December: Business as usual
Friday 31st December: Business as usual
Monday 3rd January: CLOSED (Extended support unaffected)


Important Sources for Information
Over the last twelve months we have created an enormous amount of original blog and news content and will continue to do so. We invite all customers to view, subscribe and follow us on any of the below social channels:

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