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March 3rd

About the Event

At this event, we will review the employee requirements upon end user technology, how these requirements are changing in an IT world where one size no longer fits all. We will then dissect the end user IT requirement from the perspective of employee productivity, IT operations and cyber security. During the session we hope to outline to you that there is a compelling role for cloud within end user compute within a modern and secure workplace.

But this is not necessarily a forgone conclusion or an indication that we recommend cloud (public or hybrid) for all requirements. We aim to help you understand the options based on role and align to these roles some of the unforeseen consequences that would follow particular IT delivered options.
We will also introduce:
• Our new IT Anywhere platform
• Our AppAffinity patching technology
• A free 30-minute O365 tips and tricks session
• An important update on O365 subscription pricing changes expected on April 1st 2022


Office 365 Tips and Tricks

Join us on March 3rd for a free 30-minute Office 365 tips and tricks session, delivered by our in-house expert.

What is ITAnywhere?

P2 supports professional businesses by ensuring that their IT systems are up, running and optimised allowing the whole business to work smarter. IT Anywhere is a Cloud computing solution providing IT services on demand, regardless of location.

IT Anywhere provides:

  • One monthly bill for new IT hardware, software and support.
  • Renowned P2 managed IT support services.
  • Reliable, secure, flexible IT system monitored and securely hosted by P2 allows off site working, anywhere and at anytime.
  • Using a share of a vast network of computers lowers capital expenditure, allowing for a fast, measurable return on investment.
  • Cloud computing removes the need to deal with the physical, hardware aspects of a computer and software maintenance tasks, freeing up time.

“A reliable IT system is critical for a modern accountancy practice. We needed to outsource our IT function to a firm who had working experience of professional services and we chose P2 Technologies for that reason. They understand our firm and it’s requirements, enabling them to deliver the right IT system for us.”

Kevin Winterburn


Automated Application Lifecycle Management

Join us on March 3rd for a free 30-minute Office 365 tips and tricks session, delivered by our in-house expert.

The application layer is the hardest to defend. Software without the most recent update is like an unlocked door for threat actors. They know the openings are there and can just walk in.  In 2021, Four in ten businesses reported being a victim of a security breach, this is why one of the UK Government’s Cyber Security recommendations is that you should always apply the latest software updates, within 14 days of an update being published. 

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